Let's improve your credit score. Our top-notch credit repair service makes it easy!

How Credit Prime Help Fix Your Credit and Increase Your Scores

The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects consumers from unfair credit reporting and debt collection.

We use our experience and knowledge of these laws to help you remove inaccurate, unverifiable, or questionable negative items on your credit report, which can improve your credit score.

Free Credit Analysis

Before you get started, we’ll show you exactly what’s hurting your score and much more. Then decide if our service is right for you.

Unlimited Disputes

It doesn’t matter how many negative items you have reporting, we’ll dispute them all at now extra cost.

Credit Building Resources

Building a positive credit history is essential while repairing your credit and will maximize your creditworthiness as a result.

Credit Education

Our credit education will empower you to make better financial decisions that will improve your overall financial future.

Monthly Updates

You won’t be left wondering. Each month, you’ll know the work we’ve done to help improve your credit. 

Unlimited Support

We’re here when you need us. Contact us anytime by phone, email, or text. Even send a message via your Client Portal.

The Law is on Your Side

Nearly 80% of all credit reports have errors that can lower your scores – but you have legal rights and we know how to use them to benefit you!

The law gives the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If those items can’t be verified, they have to be removed. We will write several letters to the bureaus and if they can’t prove it, they have no choice but to remove it.

We Will Fight for YOU!

Credit Prime can help remove any negative account from your credit report, including:

Track your progress in your Client Portal

Easily monitor your progress as you reach your credit goals. Login to  see the latest score updates and dispute results. Upload documents, send messages, and much more. 

What's so good about good credit?

Get more information and a FREE credit analysis. We'll show you exactly what's hurting your score and what you can do to fix it.

First, we need access to your credit reports for your credit analysis. Click the button to order your reports & scores from our preferred provider for $1. Then complete the form below.

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