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Our mission is to help you reach your financial and credit score goals by challenging and removing inaccurate, erroneous, and unverifiable negative items on your credit report. Sit back and let the Experts at Credit Prime lead you to a better life with our top-notch credit repair service.

A Low Credit Score Can Cost You

Having a great credit score is key to a better financial life. It can mean the difference between home ownership and renting for the rest of your life.

You will struggle to get approved for:

Credit Cards

Obtaining a credit card can be a challenge if you have bad credit. Sometimes your only option is a secured credit card.

Car Loans

While the most common type of loan, getting anything even close to the advertised rate is nearly impossible with bad credit.


Some mortgage lenders will still finance you with bad credit, but you will pay tens upon tens of thousands more for your loan.

The Law is on Your Side

According to a recent study, nearly 80% of all credit reports have errors that can lower your credit scores – but you have legal rights and we know how to use them to benefit you!

The law gives you the right to challenge & dispute any questionable negative item on your credit report. We will challenge the negative items with the credit bureaus on your behalf and if they can’t verify it as accurate, they have no choice but to remove it.

All items on your credit report MUST report 100% accurate information, report timely information, and report only verifiable information.

We Will Fight for YOU!

We’ve been successful at getting these items removed:

Track your progress in your Client Portal

Easily monitor your progress as you get closer to reaching your credit goals. Login to see the latest score updates and dispute results. Upload documents, send messages, and much more. 

Understanding your credit score

Affordable Credit Repair Pricing

Everything you need to fix your credit and raise your scores!
$ 49
  • One-time Enrollment/Setup Fee: $299.95
  • Credit Report Analysis
  • Unlimited Deletions
  • Unlimited Dispute Challenges
  • Results in 30-45 Days
  • Credit Building Resources
  • Unlimited Client Support
  • 100% Free Legal Help
  • Monthly Updates
  • Client Portal Access
  • Cancel Anytime for Free
  • 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee if No changes.


Most frequent questions and answers

Credit Prime is registered, licensed & bonded to offer credit repair services. Our company is build on a foundation of integrity and transparency. We go beyond the basics of challenging negative items on your credit report and include all the important steps necessary to help improve your credit and overall financial future. We have many years of experience and is committed to exceeding your expectations.

You will typically see results within 30-45 days. This will be one of the most rewarding financial decisions you will make. The sooner you start, the sooner we can get you results!

There is a one-time enrollment/setup fee of $299.95 charged 5 days after signup. Your first monthly fee of $49.95 is not charged until a month later. We charge as work is completed, never in advance. You can cancel anytime without being charged for that month of service.

While every client’s situation is different, a period of 4 to 6 months is necessary to effectively clean up your credit report and increase your credit score.

All clients are required to obtain and maintain an active credit monitoring account while in the program. It is the only way for us to instantly access your 3-bureau credit reports, track your results each month, and effectively help you reach  your credit goals. The cost is an additional $29.95 a month and offer additional credit score benefits. This can take place during on-boarding or after you submit the form below.

Simply fill click the button  below to get started.

We’ll send you access to your client portal where you’ll start the on-boarding process. Follow the simple & easy steps.

We do not charge until the 5th day after your on-boarding is complete, but will collect your credit card information and set up billing today.

Then relax while we get to work improving your credit!

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